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Who can become an advisor of Bhagyalaxmi Credit Co – Operative Society Limited?
• The person’s minimum age must not be less than 18 years who has the knowledge of marketing and capable of marketing work and interested to increase his/her income and improve their life style .
• Any adult who has experience in marketing and who is interested to raise their income and lifestyle.
What are the qualification require to become an advisor?
• The person who is minimum 8th passed and having knowledge of mathematical can become an advisor.
• The minimum qualification for advisor is eighth passed and anybody who has knowledge of mathematics can also be a advisor.
Where to contact for become an advisor?
To become an advisor of Bhagyalaxmi Credit Co- Operative Society Limited contact to nearest branch.
What are the formalities to become an advisor?
• The formalities to be fulfill are mention below:
 100 Rs. for share holder and Rs.10 for membership form to become members of the society.
 Apply to the application form provided by the society.
 Advisor have to open a saving account with minimum Rs.200 to related branch.
 Advisor and guarantor have to become a members of Society.
 Guarantee should be on the stamp paper of Rs.10.
 Following documents should be attach with the application form:
Passport size five colour photographs.
Photo Copy of educational qualification.
Photo copy of birth certificate and permanent address.
Photo copy of pan card.
How to get the information about the advisor selection by the society?
Society allot a code number with every appointment of advisor, if the code number is allotted than advisor get the authority. After that identity card will be issue by the society.
What is the income source of advisor?
Commission will be provided to the advisor under different rate and scheme. The information can be receive from the related branch.
What are the profits receive by the advisor other than commission?
Advisor receive reward time to time according to the business.
Did the advisor get the authority of the next cadre or not?
According to the business and calculation of the NCBP society provide the next cadre.
How many cadres are there in advisor channel?
There are twelve cadres in advisor channel.
Can the advisor appoint the another advisor in future?
Yes, after getting the cadre the advisor become the field officer and can appoint another advisor.
What are the benefits of authorizing an advisor in the team?
After getting appoint the advisor according the norms of society advisor will get higher lever cadre and get the commission to raise the income.
What is the age of retirement of advisor?
There is no age of retirement advisor can work for lifetime.
Can the advisor work with another branch?
Yes, the advisor can work with another branch and the advisor can deposit the amount in any branch.
How the advisor get the commission from another branch?
The commission from the another branch will receive in the main branch.
Can the person who is working with L.I.C, Post Office ,Mutual Fund and any another financial company is become an advisor?
Yes, the person who is working with L.I.C, Post Office ,Mutual Fund and any another financial company can become an advisor but if he / she is working with any other society than the another organization does not have any problem.
Is there any yearly/half yearly/ quarterly business goals?
No, there is no goals for advisor.
Can the advisor work in special scheme of society?
Yes, the advisor can work according to his knowledge in any kind of schemes of society.
Can advisor get the loan on grace period of interest?
The advisor will get the loan according to payable amount on grace period of interest.
What are the responsibilities of the advisor?
• Advisor should communicate with the members, inform them about the schemes and make their investment according to the budget.
• The total amount which is received by the advisor will be deposit in branch to next working hours before 12 O'Clock.
• The advisor who work to collect the daily deposit and recurring deposit amount in every month 70% of the passbook should be checked by the branch manager and left passbook entry will be check quarterly by the branch manager.
• If the advisor get the cadre of authority , advisor should add the members and give the information of rules, plans and examine the members.
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