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How to become a member of Bhagyalaxmi credit Co-Operative Society.
Any person who is above the age of 18 years, is capable of entering a valid contract, member of Hindu Undivided Family Business, a company registered under Companies Act, a Partnership Firm, a Limited Liability Partnership firm, any Trust, Institutions, or persons employed here or professionals with their business establishment can become a member of the society. To become a member of Bhagyalaxmi Credit Co – Operative Society you have to consult to the society or the advisor and the payment amount is Rs.10/- for membership & Rs.100/- share to become the member of BCCSL. In case of minor where proof of identity/ address is not available the same will be provided by father/ mother and natural guardian.

In case of illiterate member thumb impression to be affix and verify with his/ her colour photograph.
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